What is Axiom magnet forensics?

Smartphones, computers, tablets, hard drives, and other forms of digital evidence are becoming increasingly common in court proceedings. In order to devote more time to analysis, investigators want a system that consolidates all this information in one place and automates some of the time-consuming steps in the data collecting and processing processes.

What is Axiom magnet forensics?

Axiom magnet forensics is a comprehensive digital investigation Digital Forensics Services platform that enables examiners to effortlessly capture, analyze, and share forensic data. The webinar will provide an overview of the characteristics and capabilities of AXIOM, the next generation of Magnet IEF, and help you better understand this innovative technology.

Magnet Evidence gathered on mobile devices and PCs is rapidly consolidated by AXIOM into a single case file. Forensics experts can make faster use of the available data by using the examination tools to sort through it all and zero in on the most pertinent information. Professionals in the field of digital forensics utilize AXIOM to do tasks such as verifying data, integrating photos gathered with different tools into a single case file, and searching for evidence that other tools may have missed.

AXIOM extends Magnet IEF’s already impressive search and carving features. Using AXIOM, investigators can access and search data stored in a system’s file system, perform full-disk decryption, use Magnet.AI for conversational context analysis, and more.

Intuitively integrating facts and data in a way that helps you reach intelligent conclusions, AXIOM allows you to study the evidence in greater depth while simplifying analysis. You will be able to identify the truth more quickly, verify your findings with less effort, and communicate the significance of your findings with crystal clarity when you use AXIOM to conduct your analyses.

Features Axiom magnet forensics

• You Can find more vidence with AXIOM’s Evidence Analyzer because it expands on IEF’s capacity to parse and carve for a wide variety of artifact kinds and data, including that which resides in unallocated storage.

• AXIOM allows you to go further into the data by granting you access to file systems, registry hives, and artifact data. Evidence from artifacts may be quickly and easily linked to their original sources with the use of source linking.

• Streamline your work using AXIOM’s Process, which automates the whole evidence preparation process from acquisition to analysis.

• Digital forensics is a difficult field; here’s how to simplify it. AXIOM’s new user interface is designed to guide you effortlessly through your investigations, making it much simpler to locate relevant evidence.

• Consolidate evidence from several desktops, mobile devices, and tablets into a single inquiry using AXIOM’s “Work the Whole Case” feature.

AXIOM Process

• Automation of the acquisition and processing steps in the Magnet AXIOM Process makes it easier to get evidence ready for analysis.

• Collect evidence in the form of photos and digital files from mobile devices, desktops, and more.

• If you want to save time and get to the analysis faster, use Single Stage Processing to capture and prepare data for examination automatically.

AXIOM Examine

• Active connections, numerous views, filters, searches, and more make it possible to delve deeply into data from file systems, registries, and artifacts for integrated analysis.

• Save time and effort when reporting results by creating individualized reports.