How To Choose A Richmond Data Recovery Service Provider?

When we decided to start a Richmond Data Recovery company in 2000, we carefully analyzed the activities of other companies in this field and the opinions of those who use such services. We wanted the new company to be unique and offer a truly high-quality service . And we hope we succeeded. Here’s what customers have told us.

I want to know the cost of the work right away :

Many Richmond Data Recovery companies offer confusing and varying price lists, leaving the client in the dark about the amount for the work done until the very moment of payment. Sometimes such a policy is carried out quite consciously – because it helps to increase the amount in the final account. We’ve heard this over and over again from clients who first tried to work “with others”. Our offer. Our clients know exactly what the restoration will cost them: call a courier (free of charge) or come to us personally, and 15 minutes after the free diagnostics you will know the cost of the work.

Richmond Data Recovery

I need prompt Richmond Data Recovery service and a personal touch from friendly and competent staff :

There are situations when a potential client has to deal with an answering machine. Often, instead of a company email address, you see only an annoying contact form with CAPTCHA characters that are simply impossible to enter correctly but Our offer. You can easily find our phone numbers in Moscow and other cities. We can be contacted via also Skype, ICQ, social networks and email . And when filling out a convenient On-Line application, each customer will receive an additional 5% discount. At your service cozy atmosphere in the office, caring and attentive attitude of employees.

 I’m looking for a Richmond Data Recovery company with an impeccable reputation and a lot of reviews :

It is difficult to find real and unbiased reviews in a market crowded with amateurs. And even if there are testimonials on the company’s website, how do you know if they’re genuine? Our offer. We are often thanked for our services. And sometimes they make these thanks in writing. We are happy to hang all originals in our offices, and publish electronic versions. In addition, you can always leave your feedback on the company’s page on Facebook or Kontakte .

I want to get my files back as soon as possible!

There is very little information on the timing of orders on the website of other companies. Based on what we’ve found, recovery could take over a month. Our offer. Our specialists and employees value your time. You will find out the terms along with the cost of the order – immediately after a 15-minute free diagnostic. In critical cases, we offer emergency data recovery services, working to solve the problem 24 hours a day.

I am ready to pay only for the result :

Many companies charge for diagnostics and return shipping. We are paid only for high-quality and completely confidential work. Our offer. In those rare cases (about 4%) when we cannot recover files, the work is not paid. The client pays only for the result that completely suits him. Thanks to the five principles listed above, in 12 years we have completed more than 30,000 orders and are proud of the results of our work.