Houston Data Recovery : How To Choose Best Company ?

I didn’t tell that these chips had been taken off before today. i’m gonna use uh this new Houston Data Recovery i got for the first time so not sure. how that’s gonna go i’m gonna line it up with the spatula. i’m just going to get a little bit of a paste and work that baste into the stencil keep pressure on the chip. that went real pretty well actually really liked the way that paste performed. it was quick so with the nan chips wrapped up.

I just wanted to clean up the pads on the original board of the domer and that was it for my flux so all right. i think now we’re done give it a little bit of time to cool off check the schematic make sure everything is good code at the bottom go to the top go to the top and it makes sense all right let’s connect this and power on our device. we get the capacity task mounts let’s open up a new uh our studio screen and if everything went well. we’ll have seagate with the content that we needed to recover so this is the partition. we’re going to probably need to get.

Here you guys can see we’re scrolling it. it’s showing some activity and as always i like to show. that it’s navigating the map and is able to communicate sandisk solid state drive ssd recovered gig so now it’s just a matter of getting this cloned and sent back to the client. if you guys have any questions drop them in the comment section below thank you very much for watching. if you’re interested in Houston Data Recovery don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification button to know. when the next video comes out uh it’s been fun thank you i’ll see you in the next one.

Imagine losing all of your data your photos documents music and movies your entire digital footprint gone in an instant more than half of all consumers have faced data loss at one time or another but only % of consumers regularly backup their data. think it can’t happen to you think again accidents happen screens get cracked files mistakenly deleted and viruses can lead to untimely system crashes these incidents put you at risk of losing priceless data.

Houston Data Recovery

If you have a data loss incident whether at home or at work you want it resolved as quickly and easily as possible Seagate recovery services offers three ways to get your data back the first way is to use our in lab data recovery services Seagate brings more than years of storage technology expertise to every recovery case our lab technicians work quickly and efficiently to restore your data in as little as two business days.

It’s easy visit Seagate comm / in lab recovery and click Submit a case from there. you’ll fill out your information and let us know what types of files need to be recovered we’ll let you know the total cost of your data recovery and shipping is complimentary just print a label and send us your device our experts will recover your data in a secure Seagate lab with status tracking available every step of the way. once it’s done we’ll send your Data Recovery back and an external Seagate drive and if your data can’t be recovered.

If your hard drive is still accessible and the damage isn’t too severe Seagate’s recovery software allows you to restore data on your own right from home you can download. the trial version and follow the guided steps to find out whether or not your data can be recovered all before you shell out a single penny. if your files can be recovered just by the license for your Mac or PC and run the full program once the software has recovered your files. you can easily transfer them to a different drive for safekeeping the license is valid for a year so you can use it again and no extra cost.