Best SSD Data Recovery Software For Mac And Windows

SSDs have emerged as a revolutionary storage medium, bringing much-needed design flexibility to PC manufacturers around the world. However, the fear of data loss cannot be ruled out even in the case of SSD drives, so you will need SSD data recovery software to counter it.

The most important question is whether data recovery from SSDs is possible. And the answer is yes”. Lost data on an SSD can be recovered, but you will need a reliable data recovery software that is meant to work on SSD.

Most of the data recovery software available in the market works well with hard drives, but they are of no use when it comes to SSD data recovery.

So we did some research and found that Stellar Data Recovery software is the best solution for SSD data recovery on Mac and Windows. Here’s why :

Why is Stellar Data Recovery the best SSD data recovery software?

Stellar Data Recovery is an innovative product from one of the world renowned data recovery experts, Stellar.

The software is capable of recovering any type of Wikipedia data stored on an SSD. The data recovery algorithm of Stellar Data Recovery software scans the SSD drive thoroughly and identifies the data that needs to be recovered. It searches all sectors of the SSD drive and identifies the sectors that are marked to be overwritten. The software scans such sectors and finds the data you want to recover.

Once the data is located, the software generates a preview and shows it to the user for confirmation. As soon as the user confirms and clicks Recover, the data is recovered and saved to the location designated by the user. The entire recovery process is automatic and the simple user interface makes it easy to recover data from an SSD. However, you need to disable TRIM on Mac for the software to work.

The software is designed with a 360º approach towards data recovery and addresses each specific requirement of different categories of users, such as home, professional or organizational use. It incorporates some of the most powerful and unique features for SSD data recovery including:

1. Unlimited recovery :

Once you purchase the software and activate it, you will be able to recover unlimited data on your Mac or Windows PC. However, with the free edition, you can only recover data up to 1 GB.

2. Support unlimited file types :

Stellar Data Recovery supports an unlimited number of file types. Furthermore, the “Add Header” function allows you to add a new or custom file type to its already exhaustive list. Therefore, you can recover virtually any type of file in the world using this software. This feature is particularly useful for users who deal with numerous file types to store data from multiple projects.

3. Comprehensive data recovery solution :

Apart from SSD data recovery, Stellar Data Recovery can recover data from any digital storage devices like HDD, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc. It is a comprehensive data recovery software with tailored solutions for any recovery needs of a Mac or Windows user.

4. Boot recovery for crashed or unbootable operating systems :

While most data recovery programs only work on a working computer, Stellar Data Recovery can recover data even from a crashed or non-bootable operating system. The software helps create bootable media to recover data from any crashed or unbootable Windows operating system. Alternatively, you can use the software in recovery mode on macOS and recover your data using the provided recovery link with Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.

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